What is Divine Tribe? 

Through original songs in danceable styles that include avante-garde rock, pop, punk, blues, country, with reggae and musical theater influences, Christopher Macor, Sara Wright and Mike Waldhoff pool their shared gifts and messy wholeness in a fusion of fire, fun and funk for the purpose of enlightenment.

When Christopher and Sara visited Ireland for their honeymoon in 2018, they heard whispers of the “She,” the indigenous spiritual ancestors of Ireland known as the Tuatha De Danann, also known as the Divine tribe. They are the original inspiration for our name, though it grows and morphs as we do. We envision being instruments of the divinity being born in us all at this precious moment in time.

We welcome, support, and invite you to fully share your gifts both in the moment and in the world and we intend to raise vibration to a collective breath and breadth of joy and shared humanity/divinity.


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